Mercedes-Benz Active Parking Assist

For some drivers, parking is a breeze. Maneuvering your Mercedes-Benz into that open parking spot is like a knife cutting through butter. But for others parking can be nerve-wracking — wouldn’t want to scratch that perfect paint job! For difficult parking situations, drivers turn to the Active Parking Assist feature.

The Mercedes-Benz Active Parking Assist feature helps drivers size up parallel parking spaces as you drive by to help you find one that offers enough space for you to maneuver into them easily. It does so by using sensors in your front and rear bumper to determine if a spot can fit your car. Then it is able to expertly steer your car into the space, while you maintain control over its brakes and gear selection.

mercedes-benz active parking assist dashboard display

How to use the Active Parking Assist

Not only does Active Parking Assist help you find a suitable place to park, but it also helps with parking itself thanks to an automatic steering function.

Active Parking Assist is activated automatically when you drive forward at approximately 20 mph. Utrasonic  sensors measure potential parking spots for you. You’ll know the parking assist feature is active when the blue “P” icon appears on your trip computer.

When your vehicle detects an open spot, an arrow will appear on your dashboard on the side of your vehicle the spot is available on. From there, just engage the reverse gear of your vehicle once a space is found and press “OK” on your display.

The driver then has control over the acceleration and braking of the vehicle, however the parking assist system will control the steering of the vehicle automatically. The system will warn you visually and audibly if you get too close to another vehicle while backing, allowing you to adjust and move forward if necessary.


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