Founded by Mr Tim revett we have been supplying Jaguar owners with intelligent and practical advice since 1992. Combined with value for money, we provide a friendly and personal service with attention to detail for discerning Jaguar owners. There really is only one destination for Modern & Classic Jaguars in Bury ST Edmunds , surrounding areas and beyond.
Whether you’re looking for a straight forward service, annual MOT or repair, considering upgrading your Jaguar’s performance or enhancing a classic, please feel free to get in touch with us either via email or call us on 01284 723066

Our partnership with Autologic for OEM Jaguar and landrover dealer coding and full coverage from simple faults to ECU updates.

With diagnostic & service equipment to match main dealer facilities and factory trained staff providing experience, knowledge and unrivalled passion for the marque – at real-world prices – your Jaguar will be in the very best of hands.

Jaguar Servicing here of tim revetts prestidge you’ll not only get the reassurance of Jaguar Trained Technicians and Jaguar Genuine Parts at a fixed and competitive price but also a 2 year parts warranty.

XF 2.2DXF 2.7DXF 3.0D (355mm disc)X-Type 2.0 & 2.2DXJ 2.7D (prior X350)XJ 3.0D (X351)*S TYPE 2.7D
Front Pads£120£120£139£89£139£179£139
Front Pads inc Sensors£135£149£189
Rear Pads£110£110£115£110£110£139£110
Rear Pads inc Sensors£129£129£159
Front Brake Pads & Discs£299£299£299£199£299£299£299
Front Brake Pads & Discs inc Sensors£315£330£330
Rear Pads & Discs£289£289£289£289£289£289£289
Rear Pads & Discs inc Sensors£310£310£310
Interim Service£199£199£199£199£199£199£199
Major Service£330£330£330£280£280£330£289
Front Wipers£33£33£33£33£33£33£33
Brake Fluid Change£49£49£49£49£49£49£49
XF 3.0/4.2XF 5.0 NAX TYPE 2.0 / 2.5 / 3.0S TYPE 2.5 / 3.0 / 4.2XJ (Prior) 3.0 / 4.2XJ (X351) 3.0*XJ (X351) 5.0 NA/SC*XK 4.2 NA/SC**XK 5.0 NA/SC**F-TYPE 3.0***F-TYPE 5.0 SC***
Front Pads
Front Pads inc Sensors£165£165£180£180£275£275
Rear Pads£99£99£99£99£105£120£120£120£120£199£199
Rear Pads inc Sensors£110£140£140£189£240£240
Front Brake Pads & Discs£299£320£220£299£299£330£330£330£330£400£400
Front Brake Pads & Discs inc Sensors£330£340£340£340£420£420
Rear Pads & Discs£299£299£249£249£280£280£280£280£289£359£359
Rear Pads & Discs inc Sensors£310£290£290£299£369£369
Interim Service£189£199£189£189£189£189£189£189£189£265£265
Major Service£249£249£220£249£249£299£299£299£299£350£350
Front Wipers£38£38£38£38£38£38£38£38£38£38£38
Brake Fluid Change£50£50£50£50£50£50£50£50£50£50£50

Now we can update the service book online your warranty will be intact save upto 30% for the same work!!

Because when it comes to Jaguar servicing and maintenance, we believe our customers deserve nothing less than 100% Jaguar.

Now with full Jaguar dealer coding new ecu or control units coding from 45-60 + vat independent garages welcome. Key coding and BCM units
16 Unit Mercers Road
Bury ST Edmunds

We cater for the newer jaguar models F Type 5.0 with full dealer service book update at a fraction of the cost contact us today 01284723066

Key Coding Jaguar Flip Key £150 Plus vat including new key fob and coding.